False accusations in public businesses or the workplace

When a person is falsely accused of a crime as a patron or,worse yet, terminated under such circumstances in the workplace there are many things to consider. Paramount is the fact that a false accusation by an employer can be damaging not only to our careers but to our self-esteem as well. If you or someone you know has been falsely arrested or maliciously prosecuted by a business owner or your own employer, finding the right lawyer is crucial to your future.  At Lopes Injury Law we have substantial experience handling such cases involving retailers, and both private and public companies.  It’s important to know what to do in these types of scenarios.

Different types of situations

Sometimes the unfortunate scenario of being falsely accused of a crime by a business owner involves shop lifting.  In Georgia, a shop keeper has the privilege to protects its goods.  This privilege encompasses the right to stop one suspected of taking property from the premises, questioning that person, and likewise searching that person.  However, the key principle that most business owners fail to consider is that the method they use must be reasonable, so as not to hold a suspect out to public spectacle and not to involve a breach of the peace.  Moreover, if the shop keeper is wrong and the suspect did not take property belonging to them, should the act of protecting their property not be done reasonably then the shop keeper/business owner is liable and responsible to pay monetary damages

Sometimes the unfortunate scenario of being falsely accused of a crime in the workplace occurs involving an antagonistic supervisor or boss, who accuses the employee of battery after being n physically violated by the supervisor or theft in the workplace.This is a defeating situation, and an injured employee is often left to seek compensation by way of unemployment benefits or worker’s compensation.  Such a situation can negatively affect our reputation and future employment.  However, an employee has rights and options in regards to moving forward and receiving compensation.

Immediately hire an attorney

There are many different laws that apply to these situations.  This is an area that is full of quasi-civil rights ramifications and hiring an experienced attorney at Lopes Injury Law should be your first move.  Moreover, it is important to consider the criminal ramifications and the need to hire experienced criminal counsel immediately when you are accused of a crime, as the way your criminal case is handled may absolutely foreclose your ability to later file a civil law suit against the business owner or employer.  Accordingly, hiring counsel to represent your interest early is most important.

Methods of dealing with false accusations

False accusations can be damaging to one’s career and reputation. Sure this is a situation that we never want to find ourselves in. Unfortunately, it does happen to a fair amount of people based on profiling, racial and ethnic bias, but we should always remember that we are not alone.

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If you, your family or a friend has been falsely accused of a crime by a business owner involving shop lifting or falsely accused of a crime in the workplace occurs involving an antagonistic supervisor or bossplease feel free to speak to Attorney Lopes about your case. We are able to assist you.  We’ve helped victims recover millions of dollars for more than 20 years. Call us at (404) 589-9000today.

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